L'Anse George Madison
03-10-21 70 Hits

I am looking for someone to construct a sturdy 5X8 wooden bench.  I can supply the lumber, but I am not a good carpenter.  The bench would need to support a ~3,000 pound camper when the camper is off my truck.  I have design plans, lumber, and much of the equipment (saws, drills, drivers, etc.).  I just do not have the time to construct something myself.  I will pay for your time and services.  If you are interested, please email me at Yooperbrewers@yahoo.com.

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Install belly mower on Kubota

I have a small Kubota BX tractor that needs to have an underbelly mower blade deck installed.  I have the instruction manual.  I will pay for your time and services.   Please contact me, if you are interested, at Yooperbrewers@yahoo.com. L'Anse

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