Stay Better Protected Working Around Paint, Chemicals, and Dust in the Air with a Reusable Air Filtration Mask
Product Description
Product nameToxic Steam Filter Respirator
MaterialsSilicone gel, ABS material
AccessoriesST-LDY series (double gas filters), ST-YGLM P1 filter cotton, ST-LMG.HY filter cover are avaliable
Specification1 masks/bag
36 masks/carton
Field of useSuitable for working environment with harmful gases such as painting, coating, chemical treatment, welding, scientific research, metallurgy, fire fighting, pesticide spraying, etc.
Packing and sizeBag size: 260*265mm; Carton size: 53*41*35cm
Item Include1 pc half mask, instrudtion, doesn鈥檛 include any cartridge
TypeRespirator Mask for Spray Painting, Woodworking, Welding, Dust, and General Safety with Clear Eye Goggles, Half Face Cover with Safety Glasses
TipsStay Better Protected Working Around Paint, Chemicals, and Dust in the Air with a Reusable Air Filtration Mask
Product Details:
* Half Face Cover Painter鈥檚 Mask
* Comfortable, Adjustable Fit
* Improved Airflow Efficiency
* Filters Out Aerosols and Particles
* Personal and Professional Use
Improved Breath-ability
While our painter's mask and filters work to help capture dust, aerosols, and particles in the air they also feature a smart flow valve that lets you breathe in or out more clearly.
Short and Long-Term Safety Options
This reusable safety painter's mask is specifically designed to help keep you from breathing in certain dust and particles in the air which can reduce or prevent potential airway irritations or long-term problems caused by breathing in chemicals, fumes, liquid aerosols, or other impurities.
Form-Fitting Comfort
The quick-adjust straps, flexible silicone nose piece, and soft face cover help our mask gently and comfortably conform to your face to create a tighter, more effective seal. With a flexible nose piece, the face cover fits perfectly to any face shape.
Replaceable Air Filters
Each side of our mask features a filtration system that lets you swap out the cotton filtered layers in seconds. The mask is also easy to clean for long-lasting reuse ability. The half face cover design with goggles provides a wider and safer field of view and is compatible with welding and sanding shields.Face Protection quotation


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