Overband magnet is widely used for the places with the conveyed materials.
Overband magnets are installed over cross the conveyors. The permanent magnetic assembly is the key part of the equipment which with our advanced designs with a discharging belt normally. It is powerful in strength and also long in servicing life.
Product Features
Features for overband magnet:
-Compact Structure
-Less Maintenance
-High Gradient Magnetic Field
-Reasonable magnetic circuit design.
-Rare Earth and ceramics magnets are available for different applications
-With magnetic force decrease less than 3% in 10 years
-Safety Guards available
-Monitoring instruments for options
Technical Parameters
Overband magnet is used in various kinds of industries like mineral processing plants, thermal power plants, coal preparation plants, cement plants, steel mills, ports, recycling and chemical plants, etc. They are used to remove the tramp iron on the conveyor belt to protect the downstream equipments and the conveyor belt.
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